Website Monitoring Service

Website Monitor

Don't lose visitors and sales! The website monitoring service monitors your website 24/7. You'll get notified if your server goes down so that you can take measures to get it back up quickly.

Our free website monitor will help you:

  • Make sure your website is up and running
  • Find out how reliable your web hosting company is
  • Avoid losing visitors and customers!

Our service runs with a fully redundant network and leading edge infrastructure to ensure that your sites are being continuously monitored.

How it works:

  • The server monitor checks your server every 30 minutes
  • If the server monitor can't reach your website, you will be notified via email immediately
  • The server monitor continues to check your server every 30 minutes
  • If your site is back online when the server monitor checks it, you will be notified again

Quick and easy setup:

  1. Create an account with us if you don't already have one.
  2. If you have an account, login to the website monitor now.
  3. Start using the website monitoring service.

If you're a basic member (free), you'll need to embed the code below somewhere on your homepage to use this service:

Premium members do not have to embed the above code.

If you're a premium member, you can monitor up to 5 servers. Free members can monitor 1 website.

Premium vs. Free Members

 Features Free Member Premium Member
Email Notifications if Website Unreachable yes yes
Max. Number of Servers Monitored 1 5
Services Monitored web server any server service
Link Back to required optional
Technical Support no yes

A premium membership costs only $15.00/month. Buy a premium membership now or see other benefits by clicking the button below:

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Please make sure you agree to the terms of use before using this service.

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Please remember that billing and customer accounts are handled separately.