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To-Do Planner is a web app that that makes managing your to-do lists easy. With this task management system, you can prioritize and categorize your to-dos so that you never forget an important task again. It's easy to get started for free!

Easy to Use

To-Do Planner is ridiculously easy to use. The intuitive interface means no hassles, you'll be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Watch the to-do planner demo.

Features at a Glance

  • Update task progress and mark tasks as complete when they get done
  • Create to-do lists for as many projects as you like
  • Add comments to your tasks to keep track of your activities
  • Filter task lists to show completed tasks, current tasks or all tasks
  • Accessible online 24/7
  • Get started for free

Premium vs. Free Members

Free members can manage up to 50 tasks at the same time. That's plenty to try out the system and many businesses don't need more. Premium members can manage an unlimited number of tasks. In addition, premium members can enjoy premium access to our other apps.

 Features Free Member Premium Member
Manage To-Do Lists yes yes
Max. Number of Simultaneous Tasks 50 unlimited
Max. Number of Projects unlimited unlimited
Order Tasks by priority and Deadline yes yes
Organize Tasks by Project and Context yes yes
Secure Data Storage yes yes
Nightly System Backups yes yes

A premium membership costs only $15.00/month. Buy a premium membership now or see other benefits by clicking the button below:

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Watch the To-Do Planner demo video:

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