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Keep track of the time you spend on projects and tasks with our easy-to-use time tracker. Great for tracking time on one, or many of your projects.

Get totals for the time you spend on your various tasks and generate handy reports. Useful for invoicing on hourly paid jobs, time management, project management and more. This time tracking software is web based, which means you can use it anywhere you have Internet access! It's easy to get started for free!

Watch the time tracker video demonstration.

Features at a glance:

  • Track time spent on projects and tasks
  • Build complete and accurate time reports easily
  • Get full event lists for projects and tasks
  • Export reports to a spreadsheet
  • Generate Gantt charts for projects and tasks
  • Find projects quickly using the built-in search engine
  • Built-in stopwatch
  • Optionally hide projects or tasks from reports (e.g. vacations)
  • Accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection

The project time-tracker has a clean interface and is designed to be very simple to use. Start time tracking in a few easy steps.

Premium vs. Free Members

Free members can time track up to 5 projects at the same time. That's plenty to try out the system and many businesses don't need more. Premium members track an unlimited number projects. In addition, premium members can enjoy premium access to our other apps.

 Features Free Member Premium Member
Track Time Spent on Projects and Tasks yes yes
Max. Number of Projects 5 unlimited
Max. Number of Tasks unlimited unlimited
Generate Gantt Charts yes yes
Secure Data Storage yes yes
Nightly System Backups yes yes

A premium membership costs only $15.00/month. Buy a premium membership now or see other benefits by clicking the button below:

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Time-Tracker Instructions:

  1. Login and go to the time-tracker page.
  2. Click on “Projects” → “Add a Project”. Fill-in the form to add a project. Repeat for each of your projects.
  3. Click on “Tasks” → “Add a task” . Fill-in the form for each of your tasks. Link your tasks with their associated project(s).
  4. Click on “My Time” and select a project under “Add an event”, the associated tasks will appear in the drop down below. Select the task to which you want to add time worked.
  5. Add the duration of the task or the start time and end time. If you add '+d' after the end time (e.g. 01:30+d), the event will be broken up into two: one event for the day (up to midnight) and the remaining time in the next day. Note: time can be entered in multiple formats: "hh-mm", "hh:mm", "hh,mm", "hh;mm", or "hh mm".
  6. You can add optionally add a “Remark”.

Watch the Project Time Tracker demo video:

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