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Easily invoice your clients and receive payments online with our time-saving invoicing system.

Why is it Awesome?

It makes invoicing clients and collecting payments a breeze so you can focus on your "real work". But there's more – you can also mange your contacts, tasks and projects. All in one app!

Easy Invoicing

  1. Add or select a client
  2. Create your quote and/or invoice
  3. Send invoices and quotes with one click
  4. Receive payments by PayPal, credit card and snail mail

Get Paid Faster

Reduce your collections time by making it easy for your clients to see their invoices and pay you. With our invoicing system, you can do just that. Clients instantly receive invoices by email and pay you online, bypassing the postal system completely.

Make Your Life Easier

Our invoicing system makes it easy for you to manage your projects, bill your clients and get paid. Try our invoicing system and we're convinced you'll never go back to the old way of spreadsheets and postage stamps.

Features at a Glance:

  • Create and send invoices easily
  • Clients can view invoices online and invoices can be sent by email as PDF files
  • Receive payments online for deposit directly into your PayPal and/or account
  • Customize invoices with your logo, currency and more
  • Clients can access their invoices online at any time
  • Amount owing is automatically updated when client pays online
  • Import contacts from vCards or CSV files
  • Add notes to contacts to help you remember where you left off
  • Communicate with and organize leads
  • Organize and track time spent on your projects and tasks
  • Access from any Internet connected device

Get Started for Free

Top-notch invoicing apps like this one can cost a pretty penny. Not so here. Our goal is always to bring you the best solutions at the lowest possible cost. Use the system for free and if you find you like it and want to take advantage of the premium member benefits, you can do so at any time.

Free vs Premium Members

The invoicing system is completely functional for all users. Free members can add up to 10 clients without other invoicing limits. This is plenty to try out the system, and many smaller businesses don't need more. Premium members can manage up to 5000 clients.

 Features Free Member Premium Member
Max. Number of Clients 10 5000
Max. Number of Invoices/Month unlimited unlimited
Import Contacts via vCard yes yes
Import Contacts via CSV no yes
Unlimited Number of Projects yes yes
Unlimited Number of Tasks yes yes
Receive Payments by Paypal & yes yes
Secure Data Storage yes yes
Nightly System Backups yes yes

A premium membership costs only $15.00/month. Buy a premium membership now or see other benefits by clicking the button below:

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Please make sure you agree to the terms of use before using this service.

Technical Stuff

This invoicing system is powered by the open source ofuz project. This means you can get the source code, modify it as you please, and install an instance of ofuz on your own server.

Our service is here so you don't have to worry about servers, updates, administration, or bandwidth. We've got you covered.