Free Canadian Payroll Tax Deductions Calculator

Our Canadian Payroll Tax Calculator calculates income tax deductions for salaried employees in Canada. It's quicker and easier to use than the CRA tax tables or the CRA online calculator. Simply fill out the convenient form and generate a printable report. There's also a downloadable version of the payroll software available for offline use. Scroll down to use it online!

Features include:

  • Calculates federal and provincial (including Quebec) payroll deductions
  • Calculates employment insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP) as well as province specific deductions.
  • Payroll deductions calculations for regular salary, bonuses and retroactive pay
  • Printable report includes employee payroll deductions and employer contribution amounts
  • Report includes instructions on how much to remit to the government
  • Social insurance number (SIN) validator
  • Information entered is not stored by us or any third party
  • The latest tax tables - January 2014
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Current version: 1.0-10-2014
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Last updated - October 5, 2014. Version 1.0-10-2014 (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 & 2010 tax tables).

Please contact us if you have questions about using this software or if you have suggestions about how we can improve it. Below are explanations of the various fields.


General Information

Employer Name: If you want the employer name to be displayed on the report, fill in this field.

Employee Name: If you want the employee name to be displayed on the report, fill in this field.

Province: Select the employee province of residence.

Tax Table: Select the tax table appropriate for the date of pay. Tax tables are published every 6 months by the CRA. The "January" tax tables is valid from January 1st until June 30th. The "July" tax table is valid from July 1st until December 31st.

SIN: If you want to verify a provided Social Insurance Number, enter it here and click “Validate”.

Payroll Periods: Select the number of pay periods per year.

Total Claim Amount

Federal Claim code: This is the tax deducted according to the claim code that corresponds to the claim amount on line 13 of the TD1 form. If unsure, leave the field at its default value.

Provincial Claim Code: Select the provincial employee claim code. If unsure, leave the field at its default value.

Salary, Salary & Bonus, Salary & Retroactive Pay

Gross income for the period: Enter the gross salary or wages for the pay period.

Taxable cash benefits: Enter any cash benefits (such as a meal allowance).

Taxable non-cash benefits: Enter the value of any non-cash benefits (such as a parking space or a gift).

Current bonus payable: Enter bonus pay for the current period after any deductions from the bonus. For example if bonus pay was $1000 and $100 was deducted for an RRSP contribution, you would enter $900 in this field.

Previous bonuses in tax year: Enter year-to-date bonus payments.

Retroactive pay payable: Enter retroactive pay for the current period

Number of Retroactive pay periods: Enter the number of pay periods this retroactive payment applies to.

Employee Deductions

RRSP/RPP/RCA contributions: Enter the payroll deductions for employee contributions to a registered pension plan (RPP), a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), or a retirement compensation arrangement (RCA).

Union dues: Union dues for the pay period that were deducted from pay.

Alimony: Alimony or maintenance payments required by a legal document to be payroll-deducted authorized by a tax services office or tax centre.

Additional deductions requested: Additional tax deductions requested by the employee for the pay period.

Taxable Income Deductions

Deduction for living in a prescribed zone: This is the annual deduction for living in a prescribed zone as indicated on the TD1 form.

Approved labour-sponsored funds purchase: Enter combined provincial and federal amounts for funds purchases that qualify for the labour-sponsored funds tax credit

Annual deductions ( eg. child-care expenses): Annual deductions such as child care expenses and support payments, etc., authorized by a tax services office or tax centre.

Other federal tax credits: Other federal tax credits, such as medical expenses and charitable donations.

Other provincial or territorial tax credits: Other provincial or territorial tax credits, such as medical expenses and charitable donations authorized by a tax services office or tax centre.

Year to Date Payroll Deductions

YTD CPP/QPP deducted: Employee’s year-to-date Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or Quebec Pension Plan (QPP for Quebec residents) contribution with the employer.

YTD EI deducted: Federal Canada (or Quebec) Pension Plan contributions and Employment Insurance premium tax credits for the year.

YTD QPIP deducted: Year-to-date Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) contributions - Quebec only


If the employee is exempt from CPP/QPP, EI or QPIP deductions, select the appropriate checkbox.